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Zinkod is a project of the third Millennium.

Zinkod is a project aimed at creating convenient ways of communication in order to facilitate the global exchange of information, goods and services.

The Zinkod platform makes it possible to solve the problem of facilitating communication for all Internet users. Organizing a convenient way to communicate within The Zinkod portal allows you to use the most extensive number of possible means of communication and self-expression. The main condition is to ensure comfort in the process of exchanging information, creating an atmosphere of exciting communication. Zinkod allows you to offer and accumulate a lot of useful ideas, techniques, applications and services that are in demand by a global audience.

Zinkod is an interactive environment available to all Internet users.

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To add words, rules in the Zinkod language, images, videos, to share information via social networks, please register on our website ( go to the registration paget ), it will not take much time.

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We offer to create and develop. We suggest that you polemize while respecting your interlocutors.

Users of the project post information, taking into account copyright compliance.

A demo version of the project's capabilities and prospects.